Complete software solution for road tolling

Multiple sales channels

Enable clients to buy tickets in a way which is most convenient for them

Web site

Enable clients to order tickets through your web site.

Cash register

Sell directly through PC cash register in Customer Centers.

SMS and mobile app based

Let clients to order with any mobile phone through SMS. App for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone.

Kiosk based

Minimize human labour cost by placing touch-screen ticket ordering kiosks to Customer Centers or distributors.

Premium customer handling

Let large customers order tickets in large quantity with post-payment possibility.

Sales interface

Connect to any third-party software through a standard interface (e.g. to sell through tank stations and other distributor partners).


Complete invoicing for premium customers, distributors, and direct buyers.

Product setup

Set up ticket products for the desired vehicle type and validity duration combinations.

Control and enforcement

Control road usage, fine those who use the roads with invalid ticket

Fix and portable camera control

Photos are uploaded automatically to a server. Licence plate recognition done by internal OCR software.

Human control

Equip human controllers, or police officers with handheld devices to enter licence plate numbers to get instant validity information.

Eligibility database

The database contains all issued licenses. Capable of handling at least 200.000 control actions daily.

White list administration

Maintain a list of licence plates which can use the toll roads free of charge, such as cars of public service organizations.

Penalty charging process

Generate penalty charges automatically using pre-defined templates. Documents can be automatically transferred to a printing house.

CRM / Helpdesk

Client data management

Manage client data, client history, account information.

Surcharge management

Manage paid penalty charge information.


Sales reports

Reports about product sold, sales type, geographic coverage, etc.

Enforcement reports

Reports about penalty charge volume, black list, etc.